Antivirus software won't save your Mac from future malware

A long-running debate between Mac owners and those folks who use other platforms is whether or not malware exists for macOS. It does! Mac owners tend to be very defensive (and, sadly, sometimes offensive) about macOS, because of years of slights when Windows was in the ascendance and virus ridden. These days, most malware that attacks computers and mobile systems in the wild comes from visiting a website, receiving and opening an attachment via email or a text message, or following a link in an email that misleads you into thinking you’re at a legitimate site, into which you mistakenly enter legitimate credentials. And most of that malware is old. On the desktop, most attacks focus on older versions of Windows, some using variants of malware that are several years old, according to a recent update from the analysis firm Check Point. On the mobile side, 60 percent of attacks come a single 15-month old attack called Hummingbad, which is often delivered as a Trojan horse—malware hidden inside what appears to be a legitimate app.

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